Friday, December 23, 2016



I can't believe Christmas is almost here! We have been wrapping up last minute shopping and now it is officially time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. I am looking forward to curling up next to my dad's fireplace with a nice cup of coffee in hand on Christmas morning. There is nothing that beats being home for the holidays.

For today's post, I wanted to walk you through our holiday home. I've been adding to my Christmas collection by adding two to three new pieces per year. I was thinking of splurging this winter and shopping some killer sales at Pottery Barn and World Market after Christmas. 

We have a tiny space, so I try and maximize this by getting creative and decorating every square inch (LOL). So without further ado, let's start out with the Kitchen---

WINE CADDY: World Market (similar) | BAR SIGN: Target | COOKIE CUTTER: Bed Bath & Beyond | SANTA MUG: Target | MERRY CHRISTMAS PLATTER: Target | STEMLESS WINE GLASSES: Target (similar) | PAPER STRAWS: Target | PLATE SET: Walmart | COASTERS: Bed Bath & Beyond |

I fell in love with this hutch as soon as I saw it, and it's beginning to be one of my favorite pieces in our home. I'm obsessed with the fact that you can change it up for EVERY season. This Christmas, I chose to use white plates as a good neutral base. This set is Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart. I know what your thinking... Walmart? Yes, Walmart. Her entire line there is so beautiful and really nice quality. A lot of it reminds me of something you would find at Anthro, but for half the price. Totally worth it, and if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself! 

Almost everything else on my Hutch is from Target. I look forward to checking out their Christmas section every year. I love that they always stick with the trends, and once again, make it affordable for everyone. 


BUFFALO PLAID SHEETS: Bed Bath & Beyond | FUR BLANKET: Pottery Barn | EURO PILLOW SHAMS: Bed Bath & Beyond | DUVET: Pottery Barn | WREATH: Costco

Winter time at our house is my absolute favorite because it allows me to dress up our barn door headboard. I love putting a fresh wreath on it, the smell makes me so nostalgic for Tahoe Christmas's (a tradition we had growing up b/c my mom's side of the family is all from there). My dad,  Jason and I made the headboard together over a course of a few weekends, so they are so SPECIAL to us. 

Buffalo plaid was my go to this year for my new purchases. I snagged these sheets at Bed Bath & Beyond and couldn't be more excited. They are soft, affordable, and can really transform your bed in a matter of seconds. I also bit the bullet this year and invested in a nice duvet cover from Pottery Barn. I did my research b/c I wanted one that was extremely soft and it had to be white. I found this one on one of the display beds in PB and had it have it. I learned on PB's website that they reccomend sticking with neutral colors for bedding, but then adding depth and dimension by incorporating different textures. This can be achieved by adding a second duvet (with ruffles), a patterned white quilt, or my go-to faux fur blanket (the best).

Last but not least, invest in euro pillows and shams. Andrea actually taught me this! They really make a bed come together. If you have a queen size bed, buy two and if you have a king, buy three. 


JOY SIGN: Target | CAKE STAND: World Market | BLANKET LADDER: World Market | CANDLE: Bath & Body Works 
DINING CHAIRS: Target |  CANDLE STANDS: World Market | BURLAP TABLE RUNNER: old (similar)  | CHANDELIER: Overstock 

Our living and dining room is where we spend the most time, so I try to put an emphasis on my design style in these rooms. Basically, the rest of the house gets neglected so that these two rooms can really shine! Someday I'll find a balance to focus on the entire house...

Having said that, I adored my grandfather to pieces and so I wanted to incorporate a lot of his belongings in our house. For example, he was an avid gun collector, so I found this old shot gun shell wooden box in his garage and now I use it as a centerpiece on our dining table. I also have a lot of his books out on display as well as his milk jugs, ice skates, and an antique lantern. These treasures that I found at grandpa's house really make our house feel like home.

On another note, our house would not be complete without our TREE! This has become our favorite Christmas tradition that we have been doing for the last four years. We always cut our tree down the day after Thanksgiving. I am like a kid at heart and picking out a tree with hot apple cider in hand is the best way to kick off the holidays.

Thank you for letting me share our home with you guys. I hope everyone enjoys time off with their loved ones.



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