Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey Ya'll! I wanted to do something a little different today and talk about my recent trip to Austin, Texas. It was my first time in the lone star state, and it did not disappoint! I didn't have much time to explore because I was there for a work conference that started bright and early Monday morning. We were able to fly in Saturday and squeezed in as much as we could in less than 48 hours! Our trip pretty much revolved around food. We knew that Texas is BIG into their BBQ, so that was our main goal- EAT as much barbecue as possible.


1. Franklin Barbecue: This is hand's down, the BEST BBQ in all of Texas. They are known for their famous brisket and the ribs. We originally found this place on Yelp, with a 4/12 star review and almost 3,000 reviews, this place is hard to miss. Tip- The line starts at 6:00-7:00am, even though they don't open until 11:00. Get there early and sit in the line or else you may not even be guaranteed to eat!

2. The Salt Lick BBQ: Live music, BYOB, and plenty of outdoor seating. This place is a gold mine for fun! Honestly if I lived here, I would gather all my friends up every Saturday afternoon and spend the entire rest of the day here. The vibes are way too good to pass up! Food was okay in my opinion, but the ambiance made up for the lack of flavor.

3. Voodoo Donuts: Okay first of all, I thought this place was only in Oregon! We happened to stumble right upon this gem when we were casually strolling down 6th street Sunday morning. It caught our eye because there was literally a line wrapped around the street. The entire town was DEAD except for this donut shop. We knew it had to be good and when we got closer to see what everyone was standing in line for it all made sense when I saw the glowing Voodoo donuts sign.  The bacon maple bar is worth the wait, trust me.

4. Roppolo's Pizza: If you are craving a late night slice after bar hopping on 6th street, Roppolo's is the place for you. They have giant New York style slices that will leave you full and satisfied. The pizza crust was thick and a little doughy, which I loved.


Since we heard great things about the nightlife on 6th street, we wanted to stay somewhere walking distance to the bar scene. When I saw that the Omni Hotel was a block away, I was instantly sold! Did I mention that it is a 4 star hotel AND has a rooftop pool. Loved this place, location was great, rooms were clean and spacious and the staff was exceptional. I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to Austin for the weekend.


We went to 2nd street and walked around all the different shops. It was a good mix of local boutiques, restaurants, and big named stores (Francesca's and Urban Outfitters). It was fun to grab a coffee and browse around with no real agenda.

Next time I plan a trip I am definitely giving myself at least four days in this wonderful city! We were so limited on what we could do in the short amount of time. When I go back the first thing on my list is to rent paddle boards and cruise around the water!

I hope you enjoyed my Austin roundup, it was fun to share with everyone.


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