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Thursday, October 8, 2015


SUCCULENT BOX: Home Depot | SUCCULENTS: Succulent Gardens | POTTING SOIL: Miracle Grow | Trowel: Home Depot 

I'm so excited to share this post with everyone today! My front porch is filled with succulents, I just can't get enough of them. You know why? I'll tell you a little secret, they are REALLY easy to keep alive. Seriously, if you don't have a green thumb, that is perfectly okay! Added bonus- succulents are the perfect drought tolerant plant (if you live in California, you know we are practically banned from watering...).

Along with all of my traditional potted succulents, I also have what I like to call "living art". It is called living art because the planter box itself can actually be hung up on a wall. How cool is that?! You can buy these displays already made, but that really takes the fun out of it. It's really fun to get creative and arrange the succulents to get the perfect look. I like to do this on Sunday mornings with country music playing in the background and a cup of coffee. Perfection.

So without further ado, I will go ahead and tell you how to make one of these at home!


Succulent Box
Succulents (about 50 trimmings)
Miracle Grow
Hand Trowel


Step 1: Get your succulents! There are two options for getting the tiny succulents for your box. 
  • Option 1: If you already have succulents at home, you will know that they multiply very quickly. You can actually make slips from the new shoots. It's really simple. You literally cut the succulent about an inch down and lay out to "scab" for about three days. Then they are ready to plant.
  • Option 2: If you don't have succulents at home yet, no worries! The first time I created one of these boxes I just went to my local succulent farm, which is AMAZING by the way. If you are local or stopping through, you have to check out Succulent Gardens located in Castroville, California. This place is a succulent lover's paradise. Picture isles upon isles of every succulent you could ever imagine. Dreams do come true. Anyways, if you call ahead just tell them you need succulent trimmings for a 10 inch succulent box. They will have it all ready for you to pick up and it costs around $50.00. 

Step 2: Stop by Home Depot and pick up a 10 inch cedar succulent box, Miracle Grow, and a hand trowel.

Step 3: Go home and prep your area to get started!

Step 4: Fill box to the top with Miracle Grow.

Step 5: Now it's time to arrange the succulents. The box has a layer of chicken wire on the top. you will simple put one succulent per square in the chicken wire. Have fun with this, you can arrange them however you would like. I like to start in the corners and make my way to the center.

Step 6: Once your box is completely filled and there is no dirt showing, water the little guys!

Step 7: Admire your work and give yourself a pat on the back.

Step 8: You can leave the box on the ground or hang it up. If you would like to hang it, just allow the succulents about2-3 weeks to fully root. Once they root, you can hang it on any wall and just take it down to water when necessary.

I hope I've inspired everyone to go home and start gardening. It really is good for the soul. Let me know how it goes!

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