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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


1. CANDLE: Veuve Clicquot | 2. COASTERS: Anthropologie | 3. VASE: 6 in square vase | 4. ICE BUCKET: Kate Spade | 5. STRAWS: Luna Bazaar | 6.  BAR CART: Society Social | 7. GLASSES: Kate Spade | 8. COCKTAIL RECIPES: Shake | 9. SHAKER: Williams-Sonoma | 10. LIBATIONS: Reader's Choice! 11. VASE: 10 in square vase (perfect for lemons and limes)

Okay, so today I wanted to talk about bar carts, yes bar carts. You may be thinking... why would I need a bar cart when I have a perfectly good cabinet or pantry at home? Just trust me on this, you NEED one.

They are such a great addition to any home and pretty much a necessity IMO. One of the first rules of entertaining is having an ample amount of drink options to offer your guests! I mean, what kind of host invites people over and doesn't have a variety of libations? A BAD one... Let's face it, it's hard to appeal to everyone with just one drink option. This is why you need the all-encompassing bar cart, fully stocked, to be the ultimate host.

Step 1: Find the right bar cart for your home. When it comes to choosing the perfect bar cart, you need to set a budget. The Society Social cart featured above is GORGEOUS, but may exceed some people's budget. Target offers a great gold and wooden bar cart that is to-die-for (and is only $130!). For my crafty readers- you can also make a DIY one as well (future post coming soon).

Step 2: Accessorize. Nowadays, bar carts aren't just about the liquor stocked on them. It is also equally important to style it in a way that is aesthetically appealing. The overall theme of your cart should match your style. We all have a personal brand, make sure your cart reflects that! Remember, all the little details matter, from the straws, to the glasses, to the coasters you serve them on. Having the right  accessories will create the ultimate at home bar experience and will leave your guests  in envy (wishing they had an equally fabulous bar cart).

Step 3: Stock the cart. Duh. BUT, I'm not just talking about liquor here. It is just as essential to have the right mixers, fruits, and garnishes. How are you going to offer fresh mint mojitos w/o the mint?! A cart should always have bitters, simple syrup, Pellegrino, and fruit (lemons/limes/oranges). If you're feeling really crazy, you can even fill a cute bowl with nuts. Game changer, I know. Last but not least, a cocktail recipe book for when you get a brain freeze on what drinks to serve up.

Now grab a shaker and get mixing!

Cheers <3

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